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Over 10 decades of experience, Handling your Transportation Needs

Over 80 years ago, in 1919, a Baltimore business man, Richard “Dick” William Bozel, pawned a player piano, took the proceeds, and bought his first truck. 

This was the beginning of a long and successful run in the trucking industry.  R.W. Bozel Transfer, Inc. was the first refrigerated trucking company in the state of Maryland, hauling packing house products, truckload and LTL between the Baltimore-Washington, DC metro area, serving A&P’s and mom and pop groceries.

By the mid 1930’s Richard Bozel had 10 trucks and 10 children.  His wife Josephine took care of the company books while raising the ten children.

The company was located in Baltimore city, shed “K” Camden station receiving meat products via the B&O Railroad.  During this era the company continued to grow, serving suppliers Morrell, Swift, Oscar Mayer and Hormel. 

A second generation soon followed their dad into business.  Richard Bozel’s three sons, Richard, Joseph and Maurice, joined Bozel Transfer in the 1940’s. Their pioneering yielded one of the most successful Mid-Atlantic refrigerated trucking companies for the next thirty years.

In 1971, the company founder, Dick Bozel, passed away and his son Richard retired to Florida. The business was turned over to Joseph and Maurice.  With the evolution of frozen foods and meats, with shipping transferring from rail to truck, Bozel Transfer moved from Camden yards to the surrounding county of Baltimore to Hollins Ferry Road.  Through this move, Bozel was better able to meet the needs of its customers and grow the business. Joseph died in 1971, leaving Maurice “Moe” Bozel to lead the company forward.

Deregulation in the 1980’s  supplied the impetus for Moe Bozel to greatly expand the company’s areas of service.  Bozel Transfer expanded their delivery and pick-ups into the north and south, adding customers while improving transportation logistics. 

To continue Bozel’s growth into the 1980’s, Moe Bozel augmented R.W. Bozel Transfer, Inc. with the formation of Bozel Enterprises, Inc., a broker and freight forwarder.  Bozel Enterprises provides truck-load services all over the country with vans, flatbeds and reefers.

In 1986, a third generation of Bozels joined Maurice–his sons Richard, Patrick, Maurice, Jr., Jeffery and Chris, continuing the family tradition.  Bozel Transfer moved in 1992 to their present site in Hammonds Ferry Road, a 6 acre, 38 door terminal in Baltimore County, to meet increased business demands.  Moe Bozel retired in 1995, leaving his five sons to run the business.

Today, after more than 8 decades in the industry, the company remains family owned and operated.  Bozel Transfer maintains a personal “hands on” approach to their business and customer’s needs.  Bozel Transfer looks forward to servicing our customers into the new millennium.

Located just outside of Baltimore, MD, we are able to efficiently service the East Coast.  Contact us today–we look forward to working with you.

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Finished Projects
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